Calibration is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On ensuring the uniformity of measurements” in order to protect human life and health, protect the environment, flora and fauna, protect the state from the consequences of inaccurate measurements.

Our activities

First of all, measurement accuracy

  • Calibrate the measuring instruments in accordance with the agreed conditions and at the specified time
  • Ensuring accuracy, objectivity and correctness of calibration results
  • Coordinate the activities of test units
  • Always adhere to accreditation requirements
  • Provide periodic verification of test equipment and test equipment
  • Create test methods and programs

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How we are working?


The client fills out the Application  and  Counting Table


Verification of equipment is evaluated according to the  Counting table.


We sign a contract.  The customer make a payment.


Verification is carried out, the results are confirmed by an appropriate document.

Organization of laboratory activities

  • Verify measuring instruments defined by the scope of accreditation
  • Create a test list in accordance with the capabilities of the test equipment
  • Make a calibration plan for measuring instruments
  • Organize the work necessary for the verification of measuring instruments
  • Improve the verification of measuring instruments and measuring instruments
  • Create test methods and programs
  • Development of organizational and methodological documentation for tests
  • Collection, study and application of information on advanced test methods, new measuring instruments and test equipment

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