Calibration of mass measurements

The laboratory for calibrating mass measuring instruments regulates its activities in accordance with the national legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, methodologies based on ISO and GOST standards, the Regulations of the Center and the Resolution of the laboratory. The laboratory provides periodic verification (calibration) of measuring instruments.

Calibration of weight stones (weights) and scales in the laboratory is carried out with high accuracy by the specialists of the center.
Calibration of measuring instruments in the laboratory is mainly carried out on the following equipment:

1. Weights (weights);

2. Special cargo;

3. Scales with a crowbar, with arrows, ordinary open, automobile, railway, electronic and laboratory, etc.

The existing laboratory has weights F1, F2 with a sensitivity range from 0.0-200 mg to 2.0-5.0 kg and with a low error, which allows testing of analytical and technical balances used in laboratories. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with weighing stones M1, M2, M3 in the range of 15 t-200 t, the middle class for static cargo scales up to 500e, the usual class above 200e, discrete weight dosimeters from 50 g to 15000 g for measuring static and moving vehicles (cars, wagons).

To perform the above services, experts attribute the calibration methods in the laboratory to standard methods and methodological indicators.

All measuring instruments in the laboratory are periodically checked by primary standards to monitor traceability.