Calibration of pressure, wastage and volume measurements

The laboratory conducts activities in the direction of checking and calibrating such measuring instruments as a reference pressure gauge, a reference vacuum gauge, Reference pressure gauges, demonstration and self-propelled pressure gauges, contact and remote pressure gauges, horizontal pressure gauges, micro-pressure gauges, tire pressure gauges, a pressure gauge with an output signal, a vacuum gauge, a pressure gauge, a pneumatic pressure gauge , micromanometer, oxygen manometers, membrane and mercury sphygmomanometers (tanometer), barometers, differential manometers, fuel columns, distribution oil cooking chambers, electromagnetic and rod profiles, chamber feeders, piston pumps, anemometers, single-channel and multi-channel metering pipettes, artificial respiration apparatus, auto containers, metal containers, glass containers (flasks, oil flow meter, cylinder, beaker, beaker, micropipette burette , microburette, etc.), water holder, pycnometer, horizontal and vertical steel tanks, perfusion, infusomat.

To carry out all these processes, the laboratory is equipped with such sensitive and accurate gas flow analyzer VT 305 (Fluke biomedical), BP Pump 2 (Flike medical) – non-invasive blood pressure analyzer, IDA 5 infusion device analyzer (Fluke medical), Druck DPI multifunction calibrator -612.

As calibration and verification methods, international standards, ISO, GOSTs and methodological indicators are given. All of these methods have passed National Accreditation and are the reference standard method.

All measuring instruments in the laboratory are periodically checked by primary standards to monitor traceability.

Calibration of measuring instruments in the laboratory is mainly carried out on the following equipment:

2.IDA-5 Infusion Pump Tester and Analyzer
3.Amprobe TMA-21HW Hot Wire Anemometer
4.BP Pump 2 non-invasive blood pressure analyzer
5.Olympus 27 MG Ultrasound thickness measuring instrument