Calibration of mechanical and geometric measuring instruments

The laboratory conducts activities in the direction of checking and calibrating such measuring instruments as a set of samples for measuring the length of a parallel extruder, measuring kits, goniometers, measuring microscopes, stencils, micrometer counters, indicator inputs, smooth micrometers, dial gauges, metal measuring rulers, level gauges, tripods and stands: C-Ι, Ш-III, control and control panels, counting frames, rings, measuring instruments, gear caps, spring collectors, indicator gauges depth meters, rulers (steel, cast iron, granite), metro shafts, tape measures, counters, roller roulettes, hardness testers, hydraulic press, testing machines, lubricants, universal testing machines, speedometer, adhesive meter, torque switch, dynamometer (200 tons) for press checks.

As calibration and verification methods, international standards, ISO, GOSTs and methodological indicators are given. All of these methods have passed National Accreditation and are the reference standard method.

Calibration of measuring instruments in the laboratory is mainly carried out on the following equipment:

Device type CMP-5;


Exemplary dynamometers for testing testing machines;

Norbar device for measuring torque wrenches.