About us


In the calibration laboratories of the AzeTest Testing Center, specially trained experienced specialists work, who have undergone trainings and have international certificates; and calibration laboratories are equipped with modern equipment that meets international standards. Calibration work is carried out by the laboratory in accordance with international standards and methods and is certified.

The AzeTest Experimental Testing Center expands the production and working environment in order to accelerate the application of scientific results and scientific and technological achievements in production, the use of inventions and innovations in various areas of the economy, and the achievement of high technical characteristics in production processes.

The center performs the following functions to achieve its goals:

  • Perform practical tasks;
  • Instead of non-standard equipment, he also makes practical samples for equipment and devices that mechanize and automate manual labor, and makes recommendations for its use and use;
  • Efforts to apply technological and technical innovations that meet existing requirements in production processes;
  • Use best practices to meet the demand of the national economy for manufactured goods and promote the dissemination of best practices among enterprises;
  • To expand relations with state enterprises, small state enterprises, small enterprises, including in the CIS countries and with foreign countries for the production of quality products;
  • Carry out production, commercial and partnership activities;