Our Goals


As an experimental testing center of AzeTEST LLC, our goal is to ensure the use of measuring instruments in accordance with the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On ensuring the uniformity of measurements”. The accurate operation and reliability of measuring instruments is of great importance in all areas of the economy. Ensuring this is our top priority, we constantly improve the knowledge of our employees and the working conditions of our laboratories in order to present the highest level of service in this area.

Our existing laboratories are accredited and equipped with modern equipment for high quality service.

The Experimental Testing Center expands the production and business environment in order to accelerate the application of scientific results and scientific and technological achievements to production, use inventions and innovations in various sectors of the economy and achieve high technical indicators in production processes.

The center performs the following functions to achieve its goals:

  • Perform practical tasks;
  • Instead of equipment that does not meet the requirements of the standards, produce practical samples for equipment and devices that mechanize and automate manual labor, and give recommendations on its application and use;
  • Make efforts to apply technological and technical innovations in production processes that meet existing requirements;
  • Use best practices to meet the demand of the national economy for manufactured goods and promote the dissemination of best practices among enterprises;
  • To expand relations with state enterprises, small state enterprises, small enterprises, including in the CIS countries and with foreign countries in order to produce quality products;
  • Carry out production, commercial and partnership activities;
  • Provide appropriate services on the basis of concluded agreements with enterprises, organizations, cooperatives and public organizations, citizens;
  • Strengthening the test base and the creation of new laboratories to confirm compliance with the standards of production, import and export products;
  • Creation of certification bodies in accordance with international standards and principles in various sectors of the economy;
  • Conduct laboratory studies of various types of products on the basis of orders and give appropriate feedback;
  • Carry out calibration of measurements, tests and certification of metrological equipment, stands on the basis of contracts with legal entities and individuals, regardless of ownership;
  • Work on verification methods to confirm the type of measuring instruments and carry out metrological tests;