Calibration laboratories for measuring instruments

The experimental-testing center of AzeTest LLC performs calibration of measuring instruments in business entities located in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the following laboratories.

This laboratory has sensitive, low-grade cargoes F1, F2 in the range from 0.0 ÷ 200 mg to 2.0 kg ÷ 5.0 kg, which allows us to check the analytical and technical scales used in the laboratories. In addition, the mass laboratory weighs in the range of 15-200 tons for measuring static and moving vehicles (cars, wagons) with an average weight class of 500e for static scales with a normal class size of over 200e and dispensers with a discrete weight of up to 15000g. It is equipped with assorted stones M1, M2 and M3.

This laboratory mainly uses liquid glass thermometers, manometer thermometers, bimetallic thermometers, PakkensTB, thermometers, electronic digital thermometers, thermometric thermometers for accurate measurements, thermoelectric thermometers, thermometer, thermometer, thermometer, thermometer, thermometer. carries out its activities.

This laboratory consists mainly of hydrometers, pH meters, ionomers, photoelectrolysis, spectrophotometry, luxometers, refractometers, sugar meters, polarimeters, spectrometers, nitrate measurements, laboratory titrators, turbidimeters, gas chromatographs, gas chromatometers, gas hand-held calibrators, breathalyzers, flaw detectors, calibration of ultrasonic thickness gauges.

This laboratory consists mainly of fixed and variable amps, voltmeters, multimeters, amplifiers, massometers, combined devices, inductance, resistance, capacitance (R, L, C), high-frequency watts (1.0-4.0 degrees), variable and fixed power, universal digital calculator voltmeter, differential digital voltmeter, digital current voltmeter, digital voltmeter, voltamphase meters, fixed current galvanometers, frequency meters, power supplies, mechanical and electronic stopwatch, timers, me ditsinsky and stomatomotor, ultrasound Performs calibration (calibration) of devices, such as MRI and CT devices, cardiomonitoring and ECG devices, accelerators (radars), PATTEST (electrical safety test).

This laboratory consists mainly of manometers, exemplary vacuum gauges, exemplary manovacuum gauges, recording and self-propelled manometers, bending and pressure gauges, bending manometers, micro-manometers, bus (tire) manometers, output sensors, monometers, vacuum gauges, manometers, pressure sensors, oxygen meters pressure gauges, membrane and spigmanometers (mammometers) of mammals, barometers, differential pressure gauges, fuel distribution column, oil distribution column, electric magnetic and molded surfaces, cotton swabs, pusher tubes, plastic, plastic, anemometer, propellers, metal containers, glass containers (tube, oil sensor, cylinder, screwdriver, cups, micropipette bulletin, microwave oven, etc.), geometric waterproofing method, pycnometers, horizontal and vertical steel tanks, performs calibration of measuring instruments such as perfuzo, infusomatum.

This laboratory is a set of flat-end length measurement models, goniometers, measuring microscopes, welders, micrometric detectors, indicator detectors, smooth micrometers, applications, hour indicators, metal alarms, graphs ΙΙΙ, control and control panels, design tapes, rings, strain gauges , gear caps, spring measuring loops, depth gauges, indicator lights (steel. Calibrating (calibrating) measuring instruments such as hardness testers , Hydraulic presses, testing machines, traction machine, universal testing machines, the speedometer, the adhesive sensor, torque switch, load cell for pressure control (200 tonnes) shows.

These are the calibrations of the laboratory voltmeter: B1-8; B1-9, Fixed; alternating current; impulse; selective universal voltmeter: B2; B3; B4; B7; generators: C1; C7; C8; X1; Observing (X1), Oscillographic Calibrators: I1 ;, Devices: P; P5; Amplifiers: M3; M5; and (c) calibration of measuring instruments.