Calibration of electrical measuring instruments


The laboratory checks (calibrates) such equipment as constant and variable ammeters, voltmeters, multimeters, ampere holders, ohmmeters, combined devices, inductance, resistance, devices that measure capacitance (R, L, C), high-frequency wattmeters (1.0-4.0 class), constant and variable wattmeters, universal computing voltmeters, differential voltmeters, digital voltmeters for direct current, digital voltmeters, voltammeter, direct current galvanometers, meters often , Power supplies, mechanical and electronic stopwatches, timers, medical and dental X-ray machines, defibrillators, ultrasound check of equipments, equipments MRI and CT, heart and ECG equipments, Measuring instruments of speed (radar), PATTEST (electrical safety test).

To carry out these processes, the laboratory is equipped with the following sensitive instruments of high accuracy class manufactured in Germany, Japan and the USA – Fluke IMPULSE 7000DP for testing a defibrillator, TNT-12000 for testing medical X-ray devices, a multifunction calibrator such as Transmile 1000A, UPM-DT-10AV ultrasonic digital measuring device , 76-903 MRİ Multipurpose PHANTOM, 76-424-4156 Body dose nested phantom və 500-200DV CT İON chamber high sensitivity, Fluke IMPULSE 7000DP cardiac monitor and ECG apparatus, “Vocar PT” for checking speed meters, Fluk electrical safety test e 6500-2.

Calibration and verification methods refer to international standards, ISO, GOST and guidelines. All of these methods, being the reference standard method, have passed the National Accreditation.

All measuring instruments in the laboratory are periodically checked by primary standards to monitor traceability.

Calibration of measuring instruments in the laboratory is mainly carried out using the following equipment:

1. CNT-91 Pendulum frequency analyzer

2. FLUKE 6500-2 Portable Equipment Tester

3. FLUKE PN 76-903 multipurpose phantom

4. FLUKE-TNT 12000 Wireless Xray Dosimeter

5. IET HRRS-5Kv high resistance box (resistance box)

6. Impulse 7000DP Defibrillator Pacemaker Tester

7. Smartmicro EKTSDG-010001 radar meter

8. Teraommetr PROFKIP E6-13M