The experimental-testing center of AzeTEST LLC is accredited by the Azerbaijan Accreditation Center as a body for certification of oil and oil products.

Certification of oil and oil products is carried out in the following stages:

  • provision of materials (documents) on the part of the customer containing initial information on the procedure, quality and safety of services (work), maintenance personnel of the certification body;
  • analysis of orders and submitted documents;
  • analysis of regulatory documents related to maintenance (work);
  • selection of certification schemes and decision making on order;
  • check of service (work);
  • verification of the quality management system of the contractor of the service (work) (if this is provided for by the certification scheme);
  • analyze the results of certification and decide on the possibility of issuing a certificate;
  • registration and issuance of a certificate;
  • inspection of certified services (works);
  • development of a corrective action plan when the service does not meet the requirements and the conformity mark is not used properly;
  • management of information on certification results;
  • consideration of appeals and complaints.

You can also familiarize yourself with the certification process using the following scheme:

How we are working?


Acceptance and registration of the order


Consideration of the document attached to the order


Initial familiarization with the production of the product


Choosing a certification scheme


Development and confirmation of the decision

6.Sample selection

Sampling and identification of samples for testing


Laboratory sample transfer

8. Conformity assessment

Certificate of Conformity