Calibration of temperature measuring devices

Laboratory services include instruments such as liquefied glass thermometers, manometer thermometers, PakkensTB bimetric thermometers, temperature controllers, electronic digital thermometers, mercury thermometers for accurate measurements, thermoelectric thermometers for reference secondary low temperatures, temperature sensors, thermohygrometers, psychometers, hygrometers. The measuring range is from -480 ° C to 6500 ° C, and the accuracy and sensitivity range from 0.10 ° C to 100 ° C, depending on the measuring sensitivity of the device and the measuring range. The accuracy classes of psychometric and thermo-hygrometers that measure humidity are in the range of ± 0.5% to ± 2%.

As calibration and verification methods, international standards, ISO, GOSTs and methodological indicators are given. All of these methods have passed National Accreditation and are the reference standard method.

Calibration of measuring instruments in the laboratory is mainly carried out on the following equipment:

Fast-Cal: Industrial Temperature Calibrators Testo 735-2.