Calibration of radio measuring devices

The laboratory for calibrating radio engineering and acoustic measuring instruments regulates its activities in accordance with the national legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, ISO and GOST standards, the Charter of the Center and the Regulation of the laboratory. The calibration laboratory for radio and acoustic measuring instruments provides periodic verification and calibration of measuring instruments.

Calibration of instruments in the laboratory indicated below is carried out by specialists with high accuracy:

1.Devices for calibrating voltmeters: B1-8; B1-9;
2. D.C; alternating current; impulse; selective universal voltmeters: B2; B3; B4; B7;
3. Oscilloscopes: C1; C7; C8; X1; observation (X1)
4. Oscillographic Calibrators: I1;
5. Communication equipment: P; P5
6. Capacitors: M3; M5;
7. Measuring lines: P1; P2; P3, P4;
8. Spectral analyzers: CK4;
9. Instruments for measuring amplitude modulation: C2; CK3;
10. Amplifiers: U3; U5; Y7;
11. Devices for measuring electric vacuum and semiconductor devices: L1; L2; L2;
12. Attenuator: D2; D3; D5;
13. Calibration devices for nozzles;
14. Integrated measuring instruments (K2);
15. Frequency counters: Ch3; Synthesizers and frequency dividers (Ch6);
16. Spectroscopes: F2;
Acoustic measuring instruments:

1. Integrated sound level meter and vibrometer SHI-01V
2. Vibrators: BШB-003-M3; Oktava101B; 101A; TV-100; CEL 320
3. Octave filters: F3-1; PF-1; OF-101
4. Hearing aids: UA-12M; 4152; 4153
5. Pixaphone Calibrators: PP-C1A; RF101C1A; RF101, 4220; 4230; 05000; 5001

Calibration of measuring instruments in the laboratory is carried out using the following standard measuring instruments:

    1) Ch1-74; 7) B3-49; 13) F1-4; 19) D1-14 / 1;

    2) Ch3-34A; 8) I1-9; 14) Я2М-21 ÷ Я2М-24; 20) CK6-10;

    3) Ch3-54; 9) I1-11; 15) M3-51; 21) C6-11

    4) B1-8; 10) I1-12 16) M3-56; 22) K2-34;

    5) B1-9; 11) I1-14; 17) TRANSMILLE-3041; 23) K2-38 and others.

    6) B1-16; 12) I1-15; 18) TRANSMILLE-8081;