What is calibration?


General information:

Calibration of measuring devices – establishing the relationship between the readings of the measuring equipment (device) and the size of the measured (input) value. Calibration is often understood as the process of adjusting the readings of the output value or the indication of the measuring tool until agreement is reached between the reference value at the input and the result at the output. Calibration allows you to evaluate the errors of measuring instruments and a number of other metrological properties.

Testing of measuring instruments is carried out by the following methods:

By comparing the values ​​measured directly with the values ​​reflected by the measurements of the corresponding accuracy class;
By measuring the same values ​​by comparing the performance of proven and exemplary devices. The basis of this model is the simultaneous measurement of the same physical quantity using verified and exemplary measurements.
The difference in the performance of these devices is equal to the absolute error of the measuring device.